Friday, 13 May 2016

Testing Times


Year 7s, and possibly all else folks.  Everywhere you go there is an exam or a test.  Owner reports that her life is one long test and I did say you need to count your biscuits I mean blessings Owner but she was too busy rushing off to the good Skool for another gruelling day's work to hear me.X
There they are, whilst all outside is blossoming and lovely, those good year 7s are hard at it!x
Is Owner alright still? you all shout out nervous as it is Fridee 13th and lucky or unlucky for some.  She hates her hair (again) and I have said it looks beautiful (again), she thought she might get some tax back but on closer inspection thinks she won't (again).  This ALL to one side she is mostly alright on the mood setting.  Tomorrow folks is the big launch to her Life Coaching and I have high hopes for one or two curious folk looking in........who may have seen that advert.  YES it did improve once Owner changed the wording to include FREE and FUN in it.  Who knows I could be wrong (not usually.x)X

That thing just happened folks where this good diary is published even though I DID NOT WANT IT TO BE.  I am putting it all down to the day in question and we will say DE RIEN.  Tonight, Owner must crush in every programme she can -there is Peggee who is care worn and cancer ridden supported by her good for nuffink alcoholic son (Fil) there is Corrie X 2 with weddings and drug dealers cemented under Gail's best bedsit OH and it is the Invictus Games which we have cuddled up to all week we love it.X

Ruggles has just been pat and mick in the kitchen and Bertie has acted as if he is starving and been given more.ME? thanks for asking, I am warm enough in my box thanks to Owner shouting it was freezing the minute she flung back in and YES she is ignoring all those nasty emails saying it is time for a real meter reading.  OH NO IT Isn't she shouts at the screen.  I mean! Now do go on to have your bestest most cuddlesome eve and I will look in on you all tomorrow folks (in between comforting Owner.....X)  Big Love Wonka X