Friday, 20 May 2016

Apple Tree Fridee

OOHH! an Apple tree!  Yes it is a new addition out back.  Did I mention that Mr and Mrs from somewhere in Best India have moved out and some newbies have taken over - next door folks.

Owner was very sad, as she has loved her old neighbours and the minute she heard she says PLEASE CAN I HAVE THE TREE? it turns out, that the twig Owner has been admiring from the bedroom window, recently burst into blossom DESPITE not being looked after in any shape or form.  Some plants and trees folks, they go on and flower and blossom without anyone doing anything - is there a lesson there?? ANYHOW, the next minute Owner is the proud owner of a big twig, with blossom and it is an Apple Tree!!X
There it is! it is tucked round the corner for a full blast of sunnyshine. when the sun is out that is.  HOW MANY TREES has Owner got now? you all shout up to know?  Counting all the buddleias and all the ones brought by the birds PLUS the Apple and the Cherry.....  LOTS.  We love trees.  End of and greenery fact up.X
Is Owner still on flat and fed up mood setting Wonka?  she has been rushed off her little feet today and had not time RIEN DE TEMPS to feel anything folks!  As you know I trust the wishing well implicitly (SHUT THE BACK DOOR!! Word up.X) - and I have flung many a coin in it to encourage Owner's workload to improve WeLL IT IS working!!  does she get two phone calls for work.  YES she turns the first one down as it is miles and miles away BUT accepted the next one which was slightly less miles.  Alright she mumbles - I'll do it.  When she fell back in hours later, delayed on the road by a poor accident, I did say how was it Owner? full of interest due to being starving.  IT WAS FINE she droned to me, and then got on with seeing to ME, Bertie Bubb (I love his new biscuits) and Rugglesis. I love it.X
Tonight, if Owner can stay awake we can hug up to Corrie X 2 and nice but craze ridden Nick and Carling brown eyebrows might get wed. McTodd the new detective is uncovering all about Billy Vicar's bruv and Jenee who is probably evil is busy taking over the factory.  We love it.  If Owner is up to it, we will watch Enders with our hankies out.  Even Fil is stepping up with the emotion folks, now that his mum Pegee is in the next room. Do enjoy your Fridee eves folks and snuggle up in your best boxes! Big Love Wonka X