Monday, 2 May 2016


YOU KNOW HOW OWNER says to me, WONKA I wish you were more tolerant.  I mean.  The felines that I have seen go by me all these take Ruggles who more or less lives in the kitchen!  What is not to like about that folks!! Why?  I question up, would he want to troop round the rest of the house?  he has a full en suite, food on tap, and a variety of beds and cozy places.

ARE YOU JEALOUS Wonka? you all mumble at me, as it is Mundee and might be a holidee or not.  I DO NOT bother with being jealous, as I have the life of Riley right here in my good amazen box. End of and furry fact up.X
There we are!  That is good Ruggles at the best kitchen door and his sort of friend Yogi (Owner named it not me....x) paying a call.  It miaowed up at the door until Owner did something.  IS IT STARVING Wonka?  From my perch on the sideboard looking out back, at said Yogi, I say NO.  Owner likes to be on the safe side which is why Bertie Bubb is massive.  End of.X
Ruggles is a big scaredy cat and has gone off into the luxury shed whilst Grandson is here.  He is steadily eating us out of fridge and kitchen cupboards.  Grandson not Ruggles.  Owner has managed to step it up with the big cold Mark II.  she is blaming on the little people at the last skool, and especially the one who barked like a sea lion.  Now she is doing the same.  I did say can you keep the noise down Owner, but she didn't hear me above a fresh volley of coughing.X
Aside from Ruggles and ME and Bertie bubb what else is going on you pester me up....The Snooker final is going on!! last night Ding missed a red into the bottom right hand pocket (get me.x) and although he had a mighty score of 71, this didn't stop Mr Selby. OH NO.  And if Dennis Taylor remarked once about the time it all dragged on I mean went on for he said it millions. SHUT UP! shouted Owner at the telly.  There were thousands or at least 13 snookers by Mr Selby and Ding calmly got out of them all to carry on and win the frame anyway.  YES, we must cling to it today, and hope Ding can find his dragon.  What with that, and good Masterchef and a thing about the Invictus Games, there is a lot going on.  Do enjoy your sporty, cheffy, furred up Mundee folks and I'll report back tomorrow... Big Love Wonka X