Friday, 6 May 2016

Huggy Fridee!!


YES!!!  It is in honour of a special birthday, only known to Owner, who wants to share it with the world, alright round here then...X

HOW WILL SHE DO IT?? you all chirp up and say, it being the end of a pesky week all told.  LIKE THIS..............
There we are!! This is a very old bear (well Owner has had him for many a good year folks....x) who was The Last Bear, for Owner to have back in that day!!  he has been hugged by every single little person we know, and by the special person, who used to have a birthday today, the sixth of May.  In her honour, Owner wants this bear on my diary and with HUGE love and hugs, here he is!!  it is the best time of the year (now the sun is out folks it is.x) what with cherry blossom and bluebells and all sorts sprouting and growing.  We love it.XX
Has Owner come out of her horrid accounts thingy wotsit, you all whisper to me......Just about folks.  And I shall report up tomorrow on the story so far.  it has all the drama you would expect when you are accused of owing A LOT of £s, when you don't, accused of lying (this sends Owner into a proper mood setting of about ten and a half) and having to ring up complete strangers or nearly strangers as they weren't by the time she had finished the call, for help!! I did say to Owner, you'll feel heaps better after a good cry but she didn't hear me above weeping.  I do try!  YES, she is alright now, and I will tell all tomorrow......needless to say OWNER is always right and I'll be under the bed when you need me!! Only Joking!!X
Last night, once all was calm ish, we hugged up to Mastercheffing and our brave threesome, Billy, Jane and Jack PLUS Owner's new hero and I like him lots too.  He is called Daniel Humm and we adore him.  End of.  A more relaxed genius of a chef would be hard to find and Owner is in love.  She says she doesn't mind if he knows it is fine.  it is fine full stop.  There we are!  Ended on a high note. 
Then, we cuddled up to the Invictus Choir with good Gareth Maloneo - and this folks sorted Owner out.  IT MAKES MY PROBLEMS MINISCULE she droned to me.  Invictus is the name of the Games headed up and inspired by Prince Harry no less and it is to help all those armed forces people who got left by the wayside with their injuries - I nearly reached for a hankie myself folks!!X
Now do enjoy this huggy day folks, and no messing with problems and such like.  I have ordered yes ordered Owner to go out in the sunnyshine and celebrate! Ruggles has retired to the luxury shed once more and Bertie is just poking out of his igloo. ME? thanks for asking, just about to take five in my amazen!! Big Love Wonka X