Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Even more Wonka!

me again folks!! with the next in the Wonka Series and guess what............ This one is about Golly.  Owner says he is still brushing round us and is only in the next room.  PLUS he was my bezzie (Owner does not like that word she says it is silly Wonka!) but you know what I mean folks:
There we are!  and herein and thereby and what the heckington is the link:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/324384
We love it folks and so will you - Owner thinks this is where her story began - and me? thanks for asking, just an innocent bystander loving and giving and dishing out endless advice!!X

In other less excitable news, Owner has been hard at it ALL DAY and in her own words, is examed out.  She is due for some more tomorrow and the day after and I said to her I said, think about all the biscuits it will buy me! how motivating is that!!X

Rugglestop stayed in all day instead of bounding off to the luxury shed and Bertie has been out of his igloo for hours on end.  Especially when I am upstairs for my siesta. yes.  Tonight once more we hit the trail of Brits got massive talent and so far we are in agreement with the general public which is rare I know for Owner, and let's see who makes it through the night tonight. In Enders, Jane who was bashed on the head by Bobby's hockey stick, still has a pulse - but only according to Shazzer and what does she know? eh? EH?  In Corrie, carling brown eyebrows is nearly tying the knot with crazed Nick BUT we all know she must spoil it.  either that or Tracee might...................we are loving it folks. Now you enjoy your eve, and be like Owner, have a fry up.  Now that fat is in AND low fat is out, go for it!! Big Fat Love Wonka!XXX