Sunday, 15 May 2016

Celebration Sundee!

What are we celebrating Wonka? you all wonder up.  IS IT UKRAINE WINNING the Eurovision Contest??

NEMAYE!! (which is NO in Ukrainian folks out there who do not speak one work of any other language but their own. and well done to them anyhow. X)

IS IT Owner being on a good mood setting? NON!

I KNOW! you have all suddenly remembered it is The Queen's 90th birthday celebration! NOT AGAIN! you all wonder up...
Listen up folks, if YOU were 90 you would want as many celebrations as you could get...and Ant n Dec are down at the castle (Windsor) with a load of others.  I said to Owner that has to be on our viewing list!XX
There we are!!  That was Owner's special cake on her big birthday folks - it was pink and spongey and creamy and yummy!  NO she wasn't 90!! yet!!! and it is alright Owner cannot hear me above watching Uncle Buck for the thrillionth time.  She loves it.X
What else is there to report above Ukraine singing it up and lots of nonsense about the EEEYEW??  I have had to have several naps today due to being up in the deep of the night checking on Bertie Bubb.  ALRIGHT I may have caused a small fracas (GET IN!!X) which then caused Owner to bob downstairs shouting WONKA! and then having to give the Bubster a good comforting stroke. Did she get back off to sleep Wonka? you all want to know.....eventually folks, yes she did!! anyhow, the meant a bit of catching up for me folks zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzOH!x
Tonight we are clutching onto the big birfdee bash and we may fit in Let's Do it which is a good tribute to Victoria Wood who is now in the next room kicking up a storm.  We love her.X
Are we ready for next week? Owner says she is ready to rock and basically I am hoping no praying that this positive mood setting keeps up.  In the meantime folks, enjoy your eve and sock it to them next week!! Big Love Wonka X