Monday, 24 November 2014

A Typical Mundee!

Wonka here.  
There it is!!  Owner thought that dang phone would never stop ringing.  it was her nice consultant wanting her to work this aft!  I AM NOT AVAILABLE she comes out with and then changes it to I WILL TRY AND MOVE AN APPT....I am on the floor banging my head on it folks!!!NO I am saying up!  you must not give up your best hair appt to be taunted and teased by a year 7 or 8 class!! BUT the hairdressing god was shining down and our lovely and new mobile hairdresser did not reply straight away thereby saving Owner from a wretched aft.  Then the phone goes again BBBBRNNNGGGG!!  Owner does not answer this one.  Then it goes again and she does answer it and it is just as well as it is the good heating engineers person to book Owner's appt with a real live engineer!!  it is in the diary good folks out there all enjoying perfect homes and heating.  We love it.
Mundee Mundee para.   What about Tinkers and the baby boolleys you all wonder up?  Got Owner up in the night scraping at the door.  Me?  I was being extra good in the Narnia cupboard surprisingly vacated by Bertie who it turns out went all by himself up those stairs and then onto Owner's bed.  Ruggles stopped in the kitchen until owner tramps down in the night muttering and such like which is understandable in the deep of the night and of course when the good heating is not turning itself on.  All did quieten down until BBBBRRRNNGG and that was the alarm going off.  GOODNESS she goes, and the whole groundhog day set off again.  There is a new photoshoot of the boolleys for you all to look at tmro.  We love them.  especially little Monkey because he or she was rolling round on his or her back and being naughty.x
Final typical day Mundee para.  Graham P, our good and mobile hairdresser arrived on time and Owner looks even more gorgeous.  That and the new pink crystal earrings she HAD to buy whilst out on an essential shop.  They are twinkly and pretty and I am letting her off so TICK.  That and the advent calendars as they are essential to Christmas TICK.  And here is a surprise development.  The lucky donkey that dangles off her new pink bag hooked onto a bag of Christmas santas and Father Christmases and Owner did not notice until she was miles away from the shop.  I gave a person begging in the street some money she goes. so I have paid somebody the money.  OH I says.  I do like Owner's logic sometimes.  in fact, I love it. 
Last night para and real final one.  we did watch the results and TICK the right people have left the dancing and the 'singing'.  and then we watched the creepy new ghosty story on Beeb one and blow me down if it doesn't feature Scarborough in it!!  That and the tune of Scarborough Fair which we love.  it also featured a residential home as if Owner doesn't have enough of those in her life, with proper residents and Carers! Tonight we will partake (ooer) of Corrie X 2 and never mind the Enders where they are busy growing new members like our tomato plant in the Summer.  In good Corrie, Anna and Owen ( Owner has finally coughed up their names) and thingy foster daughter have moved into Petah's old flat.  Norris nearly collected his parcel from the depot and Steve has been left by his partner (thingy).  Carling black eyebrows is swilling back the rouge vino and will put her up for the night whatever her name is.  All in all Owner reports being fairly on track for today and I have not mentioned publishers or submissions or kittens leaving home and I am not going to.  now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x