Thursday, 6 November 2014

Five Kitwits Thursdee

Wonka here.  It all happened today good folks out there leading steady and settled lives.  For Owner this has never been so and probably never will.  We do have days that pass us by and we think OH THAT WAS A NICE DAY.  Last night we were on tenterhooks.  Those pesky fireworks were making a racket AND no sign of Ruggles.  Tinkers who was under the bench suddenly disappears and we go on a giant Worry WART!  Lots of prayers to St Francis.  Between those prayers and the ones for Owner to gain suitable employment as soon as you can say Jack Robinson (sorry to any real Jack Robinsons out there) ALL OF THEM WERE ANSWERED.

Fresh Kitwit alert para:
There we are!! A while back Owner did this super cartoon for a friend of hers who had taken in a cat due to have kittens!  She went on to have six - but until we have photos of Tinkerbelle's Famous Five then this will do us nicely.  and I shall tell the tale!!
Kitten on para:  we rose up at 7 ish because Owner said I AM NOT GETTING UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN Wonka.  Of course who is outside making a noise but Tinkers.  Ready by the looks to have a parcel load of Kittens.  Next thing BRRRRNG  BRRRRNG  are you available goes Owner's best consultant??  It turns out that nice school that Owner likes that is nearby and not a problem wants her for the next two days.  YES, she says up, I CAN BE THERE.  the next hour passed in a whirl of boxes and sheds and making sure Owner looked human. TICK.  Tinkers finally settled in her igloo in the shed and Owner hurtles off into the brand new day.  I love it.
Final kittens ahoy para.  When the whirlwind that is Owner fell back in at 3 30pm, we have never in our lives been fed so fast.  Ruggles gained entry and was also fed at top speed before owner ventures out back.  Blow me down if Tinkers wasn't scouting around plus a big black and white cat!  GO AWAY shouts Owner to this Viking cat!  then into the shed.  Now get your hankies out ready!  Hanky alert!!!  there was one tiny scrap in the igloo with Tinkers, and the Owner looks at the floor where luckily there is the luxury carpet and spies a lifeless kitten.  OH NO she goes and scoops it up.  it is cold and not moving.  she wrapped it in her best scarf and rubbed it round.  And this is the best news ever.  Forever.  This tiny cold thing made a tiny snuffling noise.  Owner continues to rub it and place it with Tinkers.  And then!  She spies three more kitwits laying all snug and warm on Ruggles carseat!!!  Acting fast, she makes the box up by the radiator in the bathroom and brings mother and babies inside the warm.  she carried on making sure the one she saved was warming up.  I am happy to report that this one is now as good as the others!!  Owner says it is a miracle like the one in The Hundred and One Dalmations and she is calling it Cadpig.  It is orange with two white blobs on its neck and a bigger blob on its back.  There are two with this colouring and two all dark ginger and one browny ginger.  They are all good folks out there safe and sound and now living up in the good spare bedroom!!  What a day we have all had.  Bertie of course does not know any different, and Ruggles brought Tinkers to the shed in the first place.  Me??  thanks for asking!! I am very curious to see the kitwits and may be allowed to see them later on.  For now, Owner says, they all need to pass their first night in the Wold, in peace and quiet.  For now, that is bestest news and St Francis really pulled the boat out for little Cadpig.  he or she is our fave.   Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x