Saturday, 1 November 2014

Selfish Satdee

Wonka here.  WHO you all gasp up is selfish in your house?  Never Owner (and not me naturellement)?? I am going to take all the time I want this morning, announces Owner to NO ONE THERE..well there was me and Bertie and that daft Tinkers dangling about on the steps.  Are you talking to the Universe in general I prompted up, helpfully I thought.  YES she goes back.  Well I'll be blowed into the living room and back again!  It turns out she dedicated part of the morning usually dedicated to a little housework here and a little job there to her Artwork.  I AM GOING TO APPROACH a literary agency she shouts up.  As if she hasn't had enough rejection and heartache in her life good folks out there all resting your heads in your hands and shouting DON'T DO IT!!!  but you know me, ever the optimist and all I says was (and I quote myself here) GO FOR IT could be famous!  you could be the next Enid Blyton!!   I love it.

Fresh and selfish para.  as long as it doesn't affect my feeding patterns etc and any other little rituals I have, it is alright with me if Owner goes creative and lives in a cave!!  Only joking Owner!! Bertie would not notice one way or another and Ruggles I think would like it in a cave.  Tinkers might run off and adopt another family but she always struck me as a bit of a fly by night.  Sorry tinkers!!!  now did I tell you, yes I did about Owner standing around half the night with an open back door in case Ruggles decides he does want to go out?  Apart from the worry of those pesky Vikings gaining easy entry (saying things like IT IS OK JORVIL or whatever strange name they have SHE HAS LEFT THE DOOR OPEN...put away those AXES for now!!!!) yes aside from this, she needs her beauty sleep and cannot afford to be in drafty places in the deep of the night.  there follows a cartoon of said nightime blip:
There he is!! staring out in the night with his little stub of a tail!  We do love him.  but he must learn to stay all the night (all night long...that is a song I do believe) instead of bits of it. x
Final selfish as you like para.  yesterdee if you all cast your minds back instead of popping our blog up for all to read we were that busy tooing and froing to the little witches and ghosties and skeletons at the door, we forgot!!  That's the witching hour for you!!  And, some of the witches pressed the doorbell which hasn't ever worked as far as we know since Owner has been here, and it rang BBBBRRRRRR it kept going.  The comfort for me is that if and when those pesky Vikings do call round at least they will have the decency to ring the bell instead of hammering on the door.  Now in between rushing to the door we did catch up with Corrie!  And Carling black eyebrows did dub her murdering bruvver in!  she made one tiny mistake though and that was to tell him the police were on their way.  This gave him ample time to escape.  Tracee was distraught and told more lies we think.  It was very exciting and we cannot wait for good and innocent peetah to be released back into the wild.  Yes.  Tonight is the usual selfish double dose of all singing all dancing entertainment shows.  We are still supporting Simon (the serious one) but do love others and we are thinking Jake and those snake hips.  With the singing we are not really in love with anyone as yet.  we like a bit of haenow haenow Ben and there is Andrea the roman from Rome.   Now Ruggles is perched on the linen basket and we are pleased about this as those dread fireworks are going off.  DO LOOK AFTER YOUR OWNERS good pets out there especially with those nasty big bangs.  And do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it!  Big love Wonka x