Thursday, 27 November 2014

Telling off Thursdee

Wonka here.  Has Owner lost it yet you all gasp up for sure.  NO NOT YET good folks, she is holding onto that zen stroke tolerant stroke benign setting like a broken teapot to superglue!!!!!  so far so tolerant BUT she has done a little bit of telling off.  YES and that included me.  Me?? MOI???  What can I say in my defence.  As per it wasn't me.  However, I admit I have sometimes chased Bertie Bubb and Tinkers.  NO I haven't chased Ruggles because he is bigger than me.  Owner says to me, (quote and list) 1.  Wonka I may well keep Tinkers and one of the Boolleys so you will have to GET OVER IT.  (how she will choose I do not know) 2.  Stop sitting right up to Bertie's cupboard and let him come out without you looming (looming?  once again Me??) nearby.  3.  the important one that always follows a telling off.  How much she loves me.  AHHH.  I love it. x

Fresh ticked off para.  This happened to most people today so Owner reckons it is written in the stars:

There she is!! wrestling with those pesky maths equations and such. Bertie just runs away and that suits me!! yes even the maths teacher demonstrated a little bit of telling off and that, goes Owner is the first time she has heard it.  We cannot all be calm and cool I goes to her, even though I do manage this very attitude all day long.  I love it.

Final fractious telling it all off para.  Today, the thing that happened to Owner on Sundee happened again.  OH NO she goes when she flung into the car with no name this morn.  her side window no longer goes up and down at the touch of a button.  it made a horrid grinding noise and stopped going anywhere and luckily those nice men and women at the Quickly Fix it all garage managed to push the window back up to the top.  so today it decided all on its own like machinery does, to slip down.  HELP ME goes Owner to the caretakers at the good school and blow me down did they shove that pesky glass up to the top.  Another disaster averted drones Owner revving up for the next one. Now she did get through the day in one shred and trotted in more the ticket.  That will be all that telling off I says to her when she couldn't hear me above the kettle going off like a rocket (coming up to boil).  last night she 'slept through' and this miracle arrived just in time if you ask me as she was on the last nerve.  We loved Corrie and Steve is still heading nicely for his complete nervous breakdown along with his new car.  Dev is still without a love interest and Michael's son is worming his way into the family.  Tonight we have more masterchef and skills tests with Uncle Gregg and Aunty thingy plus Mr Wareing eternally smiling now, and then DA DE DA DA DAAAAHHHHHH it is the Fall.  which is ultra creepy and just the programme for Owner to go to bed on.  It will put all out of her head!!!  Fridee tomro good folks SO do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x