Saturday, 15 November 2014

Argumentative Satdee

Wonka here.  I may be the only one left who Owner hasn't had a spat with.  NO ONE she droned IS THINKING ABOUT ME.  Personally I don't see what the problem is, OR to use that new and annoying word ISSUE.  I love Owner all day long and just because I lash out occasionally with a claw or forget myself completely (like today actually) and go to bite her, well this doesn't mean what it looks like.  Take Bertie bubb.  Just because he stays in his Narnia lair all day and all night doesn't mean he isn't eternally grateful for being rescued from the wilds of the back yard.  And we all know that when Ruggles gave Owner that black eye, it was just out of fear.  Tinkers though is showing lots of love and showed it by clinging onto Owner's leg this morning mistaking it for a ladder.  I love it.

Fresh and argumentative para.   I'VE FINALLY DONE IT.  She shouts up.  Done what I ventured carefully, so as to avoid a to and fro.  She has only gone and submitted an extract of Wonka's fully illustrated Christmas Story to a hitherto (pardon? what?) unknown publishing company.  it's got pictures and everything.  and the writing.  THEY DON'T WORK SATDEE OR SUNDEE she noted after it whizzed off down the line or those wavelength things.  OH I says back full of admiration for her courage.  Of course I have jollied her along every last step saying things like:  if you don't try you won't know....AND Rome wasn't built in a day...not sure about that last one, as it seem obvious to me that a nice big city like Rome wasn't popped up with its gladiators and emperors and coliseums and that in 24 little hours......but you get where I was heading.  What we don't need is Owner being rejected too many times.  A few we can cope with.  And here is our cartoon to match it up:
There she is doing it!!  And all I need to do is keep encouraging and saying more things like:  if at first...........(or second or third) you don't succeed.  and it really is true folks that getting noticed is because you MAKE YOURSELF NOTICED.. Lordy goes Owner and throws another coin in the wishing well.  yes, that's another thing that wasn't built in a day.  That fountain in Rome.  We love it. x
Fresh and red rags para.  So when Owner finally flung off to the shops and her double whammy visits I did think will she be alright.  When Owner is on tired setting she can rustle up an argument out of thin air.  I SAW ONE OF THE TEACHERS she tells me, when she traipsed back in.  OH YES I says full of interest (nearly tea time).  he said hello, she continued, by the salad aisle in that supermarket I don't like.  Lovely!  I went back.  Then she got to aged sibling and had a bit of a spat there and then onto aged parent and narrowly avoided a spat there.  Possible what saved it was a lot of tact on aged parent's side except for repeating how awful it was, at Owner's age to still be trudging out to work.  At least I said cheerfully, she didn't tell you you looked tired!  I see this as a giant positive.  Aged sibling has booked himself in at the old dentist who has by a miracle agreed to have him back (Owner went into a sulk and de registered both of them.  I ask you).  We wait to see who will accompany him there.  If it is Owner I feel sorry for the dentist in advance.  I love him.  but that's because he doesn't do my teeth. x
Final war and peace para.  all is now calm and peaceful mainly as there is no one handy for Owner to fall out with.  She has filled out her forms, put in her expenses, submitted and administrated and shopped and now it is relaxez vous time in this house.  There is Strictly in Blackpool with our faves Kristina and Simon doing a little tango, then onto the Hex Factor and our Ben (Haenow Haenow) and good Andrea from Rome.  all of this should cast a spell over Owner turning her from grumpy to happy.  Me?  I did not say a word when Owner tells me she forgot my bestest cat food and I have permission to eat what Bertie and Tinkers are chucking back which is best Sheba.  Thing is, like you good folks out there, as soon as I can have what I want, I don't want it anymore.  But don't tell Owner!  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x