Monday, 9 March 2015

Beneficial Mundee

Wonka here.  Not before time are we using a new and generous word.  Can you use an adjective to describe an adjective and do we care if we can't.  Owner says (quote) it is your blog Wonka and you can use what you like.  OH YES I says all interested, then she goes AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT (list)1.  endanger mankind 2. insult mankind 3. lose any mankind.  and that of course includes womenkind.  I AM TIRED continued Owner, of people telling me what I can and cannot do.  I was going to say to Owner don't forget we are running low on our fave sensitive and very expensive biscuits but she wouldn't have heard me above turning up the radio to hear the news.  I love it.

Free and positive para.  for some reason Owner has gone generous and kind and only forgot her manners once (from the safety of the car with no name - she says it doesn't count as she has never seen such a stupid driver.  sorry stupid other driver) - she waited patiently in a small queue at the main post office whilst there were only three behind the counter and one customer was having an endless supply of parcels weighed.  yes, she laughed it off with other customers.  I am still betting Owner has a temperature and is unwell but who am I?? eh? eh?  From there she suddenly took it upon herself to go to that shop where everything is sposed to be better than all else.  The prices are, I do know that because I inspected the price tags.  Owner could have gone away for the weekend for what that nice new tray cost.  AT LEAST she droned, IT WON'T FALL APART like the last one did.  And the other plastic one hit the floor with the butter dish and broke!  Plastic!  Did you really need a new swimming cossie I questioned up, but she was too busy shouting about how lovely she looked in it to hear me.  She is saving it for a special swim.  I only hope those giggling gerties won't be there.  I love it. x

Beneficial para plus generous cartoon. 
There we are!  There is ruggles top nesting on the linen basket and there am I being allowed in.  WHY I says to Owner is your head chopped off?  it looked funny so I cut it out of the cartoon she droned to me.  I did say would anyone notice Owner, from well behind the kitchen door, in a tiny whisper.....  I have been allowed in several times now and only once given Ruggles the death stare.  STOP IT Wonka! goes Owner.  I have looked in his luxury tray and in his igloo.  OH and in his food dish.  I love it.x
Final positively beaming para.  Owner had another offer of work for tmro and turned it down.  This made her feel all powerful etc and filled me with worriment.  What if they stop offering I says? I did say I was available in the morning, she droned, and hopes to goodness there is no work.  I might slip a coin in the wishing well when she is not looking.  Now last night we were entranced by Poldark which is set in nice Cornwall with no silly accents and instead a very handsome returned from some war or other, Ross Poldark.  ~there is a good dose of unrequited love and lots of bad teeth.  Owner is as you know obsessed with teeth and Dentists. In those days she droned to me, you would have to go to a fair and have your tooth pulled out with lots of folks watching OR consult the local herb woman.  Personally I like the sound of popping to the fair rather than that torture chamber got up as a consulting room, but who am I??  tonight we have our double dose of Corrie and double dealing Gavin is on a knife edge with his pretend son act.  Michael and Gail may or may not get married.  And we are glued to it either way.  Do enjoy your eve, and go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x