Sunday, 22 March 2015

Super Sundee

Wonka here.  What a day folks out there all perhaps having equally super Sundees!  The main news to report is that Owner got up after a good night's sleep as HAPPY AS A LARK.  Why? you all gasp up, is this so?  There is NO reason whatsoever for this mood setting.  Except (list)1. it is Sundee. 2.  It is Sunny 3. Owner is not back on the treadmill tmro 4. the day was all hers.  What you all secondly wonder up, could happen to spoil this?  eh? eh....? There is a big clue coming up, BUT even this thing did not shift that good mood setting.  No, not even that miniscule scratch I gave Owner by accident when I was guarding two carrier bags (I thought she was a Viking.) could change it.  I love it.

Fresh and super para:
There it is!!  The car with no name and THAT is when the super Sundee could have taken a nosedive.  Owner goes to me around lunch time, and I must say I was dozing nicely in the sun and didn't need interrupting - she says I AM JUST GOING TO THE SHOPS Wonka.  Now even I thought where is she after two hours had whipped by.  Bertie trundled downstairs to use the facilities and eat all my good as it looks so this passed a bit of time and just when I thought is Owner ever coming home has she gone on holidee, she falls back in.  It turns out when she trots back out of the supermarket that is second on the list for shops she wishes never to go back into, and put all the shopping in the boot, she turns the key and NOTHING.  Nothing?  I says up to show interest....well she goes the radio came on.  There then followed a ten minute search for the breakdown service number which was waiting in her purse and not in any of the other ten thousand places she looked first.  When the nice man from the AA turns up he knows immediately what it is.  IT TOOK HIM ONE MINUTE she droned to me, to fix it.  AND I understood what it was, not like those mechanics in the Quick As You Like garage.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! in between babbling on about starter motors and connections I did get a snack folks in case you are worrying up.  So all is well and the car with no name is back up and running for now.  And if you are going to break down, that was the place to do it.  I love it. x
Final super para.  The day has been a good day for Richard III too, as his old bones are now resting in a super coffin in Leicester Cathedral instead of under a car park.  Well blow me down if that isn't the second mention of those things today.  Perhaps there will be third redemptive thingy happen up.  Who knows, as Owner's dearly departed to heaven Dad used to say, car parks are taking over the Wold.  And the burial is on Thursdee, which is the same day Owner must take aged sibling to the Dentist.  Another ancient ceremony then I whispered up but she didn't hear me above boiling the steam engine for a cup of Rosy Lea. I Love it.
Super duper finale -  on the news front there is not much to report except Owner tells me another politician is found out for being sneaky,  And resigned.  That's one less then!  Tonight we must make do with Poldark and that nice Ross chappie who is busy restoring tin mines and cuddling up with the maidservant. Ruggles is atop the linen basket for now until he goes skittish and wants to go out two minutes before Owner goes to bed.  Gingertop has been sighted this morning and so has Bertie bubb.  OH he lives here.  Another week beckons and let us all hope for a super one.  do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it and specially if you are a Plantagenet! Big Love Wonka X