Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Parachute Tuesdee

Wonka here.  First off, a poor night was had by Owner.  she reports thus.  The minute she said TIME TO SETTLE DOWN and lights out did a previously perfectly alright muscle in her leg start up.  I knew all about it, as I was under the bed as per and all that happened was toss turn turn toss toss toss OH MY LEG etc.  Now I am blessed as you know, with the kind of fitness that other felines envy.  Or they would if they set eyes on me.  Bertie has wonky legs and paws and they have to fold in a funny way but then he is funny full stop. Rug as you know has a big fat furry stump for a tail and may well have 'things'.  We know there are 'things'  in his ears because when he scratches them he makes a sort of gurgly growling noise. BUT none of this helps Owner when her leg goes funny.  Due to this she has reported being TIRED all day.  This also means, she gives out extra portions without noticing and I can more or less chase Bertie anywhere in the household and get away with it.  I love it.

Parachuting para.  NO Owner is not jumping out of a plane or overtaking cars by parachute.  it turns out that the little people who are constantly entertained all day long with sandpits, water pits, home corners, books, crayons and painting and Elmer the elephant, must also raise a multi coloured parachute, flap it as high as they can and some of them run under it!  Some of them helped and some of them didn't, Owner reports up but that is little people for you one minute they are laughing and the next their face is all screwed up and you cannot get to grips with what has happened.  We love it.  Mostly.

Parachuting in cartoon para.  it is time Owner droned to pop a few cartoons of you and your lairs....
There we are!  Rugglesis en suite and he does use the luxury igloo when he gets fed up with his luxury heated pad atop the linen basket.  He went out this morning and had to wait all day to return and he ran in!!  Owner let me have one of my supervised trips into the kitchen and I must say I surprised myself with how good I was! Well Done Wonka! goes Owner to me...(it was dead on tea time....)and tmro there will be a Bertie Bubb cartoon.  We love it.
Final parachute in para.  here follows a small weather report for those of you possibly basking in the sunnyshine and such like.  IT IS FREEZING, IT IS GREY SKIES and this coupled with rain does not hearten us.  NO.  Owner is resigned to being outside and cold for the rest of this good week and is amazingly good humoured.  I put this down to outright tiredness folks and Owner is not normally so Buddha like in her little self. IT IS MY new attitude to everything she droned to me; which is?  I asked up in that continuing to be annoying way...I CAN DO IT she says.  Do what? I said, but luckily she was too busy leaning against the 'new' washer (it refuses to start any known cycle unless you lean on the door.  Then it 'knows' it is shut. yes) to hear me and kept babbling on about being confident and more assertive.  Personally I thought Owner already did tell others what she thought but who am I???? eh???  tonight we have to endure Enders which was usurped by the footie last night and then Holbee where they are either arrested for murder or going to be.  Elliot is like a cuddly bear and is the only friend to the career mad doctor Jack who is a woman.  I know.  There is a new drama on at 9 pm if Owner has the strength for it and it grips us in the first 60 seconds.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x