Thursday, 12 March 2015

Happy People Thursdee

Wonka here.  Everyone, says Owner, on her return from being with the little people, has been in a good mood and happy.  HOW COME I says up, mainly as it was close on me being starving.  THE SCHOOL, goes Owner, entered a ROCK CHALLENGE competition and came first!  blow me down, I says back, all fur aquiver!  it seems that they danced their socks off to a dance routine and from what Owner reports up, it would not have been out of place on Britain's got Talent.  The thing was that this school is now on the map and must all go and do it again in Grimsby.  ~and we will keep you all posted as to their success. We love it.

Fresh and smiley para.  Due to this, no one, not even Owner was in a poor mood setting and when she whipped to the supermarket that is friendly and kind (but making a loss.  What is the relationship between customer friendly and loss making we wonder up and when we have a rainy day we might spend more time on it....) even there, she encountered (like it) more smiling happy people.  IS IT, I put to Owner, just that when YOU are smiling and happy, the Wold seems the same?  eh?  She didn't hear me above darting out back to check the shed.  On the way she found more Daffodils poking up amongst last year's herbs.  It really does seem like Spring is coming........ and we love it so much x

Happy para with a cartoon in it.  Today's cartoon is a mystery to me but Owner says she knows what it is....
There we are!  that is what happened to Owner yesterdee!  She is all ready to go and be made a fool of (sorry School) with her outfit TICK, hair TICK, bag packed HUGE TICK.  It would have done Mary Poppins proud. OH and her boot polished too,  and then the phone brrrrnnnggs and it is all cancelled.  Not going to work though was fortuitious (OH!) as you know Owner has finished our Easter Story and is therefore a very happy Owner.  I love it. x
Final happy days para.  The little people were all very well behaved and only made a few comments about (list) 1.  Owner's earrings, which are small and have Indian Cherokees on them. 2.  her eyeliner and 3. her badge (brooch).  all of this is said without any fear of criticism and is just a direct observation that Owner can cope with. I do love those little people she droned to me.  Now whilst she was beavering away, I settled nicely in my box and Bertie was hiding out in the Narnia Cupboard.  Rug had asked to go out spot on the time that Owner was leaving and she said NO RUGGLES, you must wait.  He has gone what Owner calls 'frisky' and has been out back sniffing noses with Gingertop.  I ask you.  he cannot 'do' anything says Owner, as he has been 'done'.  Say no more.  And I'm not going to.  Now tonight we may cuddle up to Banished if we can stand the soldiers and the convicts, and the governor and the vicar person.  Before that luckily, and to keep Owner's good mood on the go, is Masterchef followed by Enders.  yes.  Cat seems to have a new and confusing storyline and Stacee still has that same look and that scarf.  Now tmro is looming and is Fridee; we are leaning towards the weekend folks and it is all good. So do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x