Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mother's Day Sundee

Wonka here.   Over here on our tiny island folks we are all celebrating Mother's Day and I must say it was nice to see Owner spring out of bed at the crack of dawn, saying things like OH I am going to see daughter and OH I am looking forward.   As you know I am NOT a mummy and neither is Bertie nor Rug and so far, I have not shown any tendencies towards mothering.  I did steer clear of Bertie this morning though and let him have a small chomp before I glided past AND enjoyed a small game of paw under the door with Rug.  Owner says this DOES NOT COUNT Wonka and her bruise from that weensy scratch I dished out the other week is just fading.  I love it. x

Mummy's day para.  to celebrate this good day for ALL mums (sorry Dads and sorry if you are not a Mum but you can always be a mother to something. OH I am getting into a debate about this SOZ) we will have a nice little photoshoot.  It can't be of Tinkers and the kittens as that will make Owner weep.  Instead then:
There we are! WHO you all shout to me, is that drop dead gorgeous woman?? None other than Owner's mother (aged parent.  you knew that.) In this snap. she is sweet sixteen or thereabouts reports Owner and no wonder she was spotted by Raymond, once they were both in the RAF (aged parent was in the WRAF!!).  And now she is at the other end of her life, but smiling and happy, most days..... We love it. x
Final Mothering para.  Today, Owner whizzed off to daughter and returned in one piece.  I am saying this as a warning to her if she should listen.  I DID A SILLY OVERTAKING she tells me when she thinks I am not paying attention (head in saucer of much needed food).  BUT I did hear her and questioned her up.  it turns out she got fed up of being in a massive queue of around 5 slow cars because the one in front was going at 5 miles an hour OR 35 to 40.  Then, does she take it upon herself to zoom out and overtake as many cars as possible which turned out to be two, because a car was heading towards her.  THEN WHAT?  I says, I mean she is alright because she has come home but WHAT IF I goes up, the slow boat cars (mixed metaphor sorry) would not let you back in DESPITE you being in danger.  Wonka, she tells me, that is exactly what happened.  I cannot tell you folks out there, I was on the edge of my saucer, torn between cursing those slow cars and telling Owner off!  The car that COULD have let her back in , was a red car and took no notice of her, but the car behind that, a nondescript car DID.  You were saved by a nondescript car Owner!  YES Wonka, I was.  She continued to drive behind the said red car mouthing things in her mirror...but really Wonka, she says to me, a bit ashamed and such like.  I must NOT do that again. It has to be said folks that Owner is on impatient setting behind the wheel and is now on a firm warning up from me.  yes.  sorry Wonka, she says to me, I will try hard to be a slow driver.  I love it.
Real final Mumsy para.  tonight we are clutching onto more of the Voice and Ryvita Ora and Willyam have chosen their 3 best singers, now it is Rickyam and Sir Tom.  We approve mostly so far, but expect Owner to vent a bit more of that bad driving at the tv instead.  Which is safe.  Then, there is nice Poldark with that nice Cornish chappie in it for Owner to cling to.  The good week is rearing its head at us, and Owner must stick a big smile on.  As for me, I am nicely, Bertie Bubb sped down here and back up there, and Rugtug is in and out of his en suite guarding the back yard and keeping an eye out for the new stray on the block. it was big and frightened looking.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and especially if you are in Australia (we have invited a dog called Moon Dog to keep up with current affairs by visiting this very diary. Who knows what he might learn. x) Big Love Wonka x