Monday, 23 March 2015

Yes not No Mundee

Wonka here.    What is all this you babble to me, yes not no business?? it simply means folks that Owner spends a lot of time saying NO when in the next breath does she cave in and say OH ALRIGHT then and guess who she says it to most??  eh??  YES right first time, to the wonder consultant at the wonder agency - the same agency that boasts of having 500 employees (meaning YOU are not special you zero hours contract worker you) BUT when the chips are down where are the other 499??  So the job that Owner said no to, twice, on Fridee rears its head up again.  it is sugared up, dressed up, bigged up until it is the easiest morning's work in the known wold.  YOU LIFE SAVER she is called.  You've been called worse I says to her, but she didn't hear me above rushing upstairs to put a school outfit on.  I love it.

Fresh yes no and how's your father para.  When she rolls back in hours later with a small shop and it was mostly essentials so TICK, I did enquire as to how the easy job went.  IT WENT FINE Wonka, I was just invigilating for some poor year elevens who won't know what has hit them in a few month's time.  She then went into town which could have meant a lot of non essentials.......But no!  Owner reports suddenly feeling very very tired.  What I goes, more than usual? YES, she says it was like a giant wave coming over her and she had to get home.  Now here is our news of the day, when Owner trots to the school there is big notice on the door and it warns of... sound of klaxon and sirens:
******We have an outbreak of chicken pox and shingles********.......and if you are pregnant etc.  Just because, drones Owner I am not having a baby (unless a miracle happens.  it did in the bible.) that doesn't mean I want to get shingles again.  You will notice 'again'.  Owner is ever fond of relating the shingles story as a BEWARE kind of story.  And if it does strike her down, I spose I'll have to put up with it.  I love it.

Break for a yes not no cartoon para:  I suggested we pop a cartoon on all about me being famous on a kindle in LA of all the places in the Wold and Owner has agreed.  I would have put capitulated but I wasn't sure how to spell it.
There I am!! dreaming away in my AMAZEN box.  Yes that is what we are calling it now, because when I cuddle up in there I soon drop off......zzzzzzzzzzzzz  and have the most relaxing time ever.  I love it x
Small newsworthy para.  There is no news to report up today and if there is we have missed it.  OH YES, Moira Stuart who is the good newsreader on Radio 2 said it was Tuesdee instead of Mundee and had to say it all over again.  This is one of several stumbles lately and we are concerned.  Owner does this kind of thing all the time but she is not reading the news to the nation. x
Final yes no para.  Owner has only gone and booked a three night breakaway in June with the Fab Four who all jollied off to Paris last year, and then Cornwall.  This time it is a rather posh holiday village thingy and I do hope they don't let the side down.  YES, My Aunty is booked to spoil me rotten and keep Bertie Bubb and Rug in biscuits and such.  This alone will keep Owner's spirits up and help the mood setting.  Well I can hope eh?  Tonight we must stick like glue to Corrie X 2 (that Rhymes!!) and Enders X 1 (that doesn't. no.)  thingy's Dad is still dying in hospital and Owner has said I wish he would get a move on (sorry thingy) In Corrie, there are funerals of the real Gavin but Michael still thinks it is Andy who is the real Gavin.  We are keeping up with it so far.  But the best news surely is of the Allotment which is to be shared by Roy Cropper and Cal's Dad (we think it is him and sorry if not.) I know you have been on the edge of your settees and easy chairs wondering will Owner change her hair colour tmro when the good hair rescuer pops round and I say to you, Is Bertie Bubb a total Recluse cat??  Is Ruggles as tame as you like??  That is another yes then. Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x