Thursday, 26 March 2015

Timely Thursdee

Wonka here.  The other morn Owner reported several dreams.  OH YES I goes full of interest even though I had been served my first serving for Breakfast, BUT it was smack on seconds (helpings not time) turns out she rescued Sam her old and beloved cross collie Labrador from a house explosion!  Blimey I goes, looking Owner in the eye but not TOO hard to show I was listening up.  Then who turns up in the dream but the Booleys (kittens to you folk, Booleys to Owner) all huge and grown up.  Of course this just sparked off a series of memories about HOW MUCH she loved them AND if only you (me, Wonka, the good and the kind) had taken to Tinkers (mummy Tinkers) etc etc......deep down, Owner knows she could not have kept another cat and four kittens.  In her heart it is a different story though.  I blame it all retrospectively (I must not ever use such a hard to spell word again. No) on the bang on the head.  Even though that came after the dream.  I love it.

Timely para.  WHAT you all shout up as one, is this timely business then?  Owner did not get a shout out for work this morning when she was free ish as a lark.  NO.  the call came the minute she was not available.  ARE YOU AVAILABLE goes her consultant (we think he is consultant to the other 499 as well, and due to this, Owner makes allowances by not being as obstructive as she could be. yes) NOT NOW she babbles, and once more tells him when she is.  As she was busy uploading the latest Duffel story this morn, she most certainly did not need to be supervising anyone OR freezing to death with the little people.  I love it.

Time and time again para.  For our good cartoon I have insisted that we have the bang on the head one.
There we are!  in the kitchen with that sharp cornered cupboard leaning out.  I have as you know warned Owner to move at a slower pace etc and any day now she may listen to me.  When we are rich and famous (anytime - you ask the wishing well) we will live in a spacious dwelling (like it) with so much room I will not have to challenge Bertie OR stare at Ruggles like I did this morning, to ill effect.  STOP IT Wonka, Owner goes to me.  And I did.  I Love it. x
Small newsworthy para.  Again this must be a slow news day and we are trying to listen up for any news on the political front.  it is only a matter of weeks til we must put the TICK against the right candidate.  We did hear that nice Mr Ed (labour) may be in a position similar to Dave's dilemma last time. ie who to cuddle up to when forming a majority.  (get me) also we heard that no one likes the Speaker of the House.  personally I did favour that nice Betty Boothroyd or something very like it (sorry Betty if that is NOT you x).  End of news bulletin.
Final timely para.  Banished is on tonight so Owner must try and stay awake this time and not drop off.  They are all forming little cliques and such and last we knew, those golden sands, blue sky and sea were not doing the trick.  Before that we have Masterchef and those judges who sit at a table and sample the dishes saying things like (quote) haunting and sexy and Owner's says that is just about a pudding.  I mean.  There is a dose of Enders and if we understand it right (prob no) Shazzer is a descendant of Richard III and NOT Dirty Den, and who knows who her chimney sweep son, Denny, is. 
The only other exciting thing for today (according to Owner and I nearly fell asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz whilst she was telling me) is that a blue glove exactly like the ones the Dentist wears, blew up from nowhere as she was driving, and clung onto her wing mirror.  Like a hand of god she babbled to me!  And later, when she was at the Dentist with aged sibling she looks at his hands and they are clothed in the very same gloves.  Is it a sign we all wonder up?  Only TIME will tell!!  Now do not forget to treat yourselves to the latest Easter Offering that is Duffel Again!!  Just follow the link in our Extra Extra post for today OR visit and look for the #wonka stories.  Fridee is around the corner, SO, do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x