Saturday, 14 March 2015

Smart Satdee

Wonka here.  Slept in, nice and easy up we got and all to play for.  Today, unlike yesterdee, shifted from uneasy to easy setting and Owner managed to reach a difficult decision.  Can you guess what it was??? eh?? YES you nearly got it right.  It was, whether to go swimming today instead of tmro (giggling and splashing gerties) AND should she go to that other swimming baths.  it did take a while but suddenly she says to me: Wonka!  I am going to the usual baths and will try it out for LESS SPLASHY YOUNG PEOPLE.  Slowly the answer had dawned on her. and I must admit folks I dropped off a couple of times while she was talking herself through it, going on about travelling, money, temperature of the water........zzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!.  I love it.

Small and smart para.  And this will include a snap, yes a snap of the said red wobbly thingies at the end of two prong thingies on an alice band.  Today, Owner heard talk of there being a similar event in the U S of A and we want to let you know in advance a few tips.  THIS is what you could all be wearing.......

There we are!  And we thought it best to model them on Tikki, who is Owner's cat made of Teak wouldn't you know! by Owner's dear wood carving in heaven now, Dad.  they were on Maximillian snow leopard who has kindly lent them to tikki. (thank you Max).  We love them. and it turns out that a billion pounds was raised which can only be to all our good and Africa too.  and if there are any nice Africans reading this humble blog, we send you lots of our good wishes. x
Final smart para.  WHAT? you all cry as one is this smart business.  it turns out that Owner who fitted in a non essential shop (yet another swim suit, I ask you) sped on to aged sibling who has already remarked on Owner's hair, from thence (like it, old fashioned but such a word!) to aged parent who was in a rather tip top mood.  So good was this mood, that she did say YOU HAVE HAD YOUR HAIR CUT SHORT to daughter, when another aged resident piped up to say YES AND IT IS SMART.  and this, along with a pretty nice day (no splashings at the baths which was near on empty...) cheered Owner up no end.  She fell back in with the usual sacks of concrete aka cat litter and tons of new good as it is cat food, for us, ready for a champion eve.  We are glued to the Voice as you know, and may need to shout at the telly again if that nice Ryvita Ora picks the wrong one.  Then we cuddle up to all the nurseys and docs in Casualtee. tomorrow, Owner is to visit daughter and watch as many films as they can fit in, plus eating as many sweets, crisps, choc and more of the same.  Me? thanks for asking, I am already looking forward to a quiet day nestled in my box with maybe a few stares at Bertie Bubb and possibly a quick paw under the door with Rug.  Now do enjoy your eves out there in the Wold and go steady good folks wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x