Thursday, 14 January 2016

Jericho Thursdee

Is Jericho a place you all wonder up? and where is it.  Owner thought it was in Amercy.  No I says that is a Band called that Owner.   HAVE YOU NOT HEARD of the Walls of Jericho I questions her up.....

DID THEY GET BLOWN DOWN Wonka she replies.

It's true folks that there is a biblical story that mentions it.  history has it, (get me) that the sound of the approaching army or group of folks or tribe or wotnot, made the walls tumble down.  they may have been blowing trumpets or something very like that. 


But this is nothing to do with that, it is about a new series on telly called Jericho and it is set in the Culverdale valley right here in Yorkshire or close to it. They are building a railway viaduct (gulp) in the 19th century and Michael Portillo is nowhere to be seen as yet (sorry Michael we love you and your railway journey progs. X)and so far in (episode one is down) we love it. FACT. x

Railways!! Owner loves trains and was at the Museum in York yesterdee with the mencap folks.  they might have a disability here or there but being on platforms and trains well they all loved it!Queen Victoria's coach was there she tells me up, and lots of other lovelies. it is Owner's ambition to go on the Orient Express folks. yes, and we are only a few thousand short of the ticket. BUT if you don't have a dream folks, how's a dream going to come true? eh EH???! X
Today I have glanced out the snooze ridden beauty of my Zen box and sighted a gloomy rain sodden day.  this can only mean one thing zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! Owner will have a long wrestle with herself about whether to hole up for the day in the warm and dry OR fight her way out in the drenching rain to traipse round a shop.x
do keep dry yourselves folks and warm and positive! Bertie is doing all of this we think, in his snug nest in the Narnia and seems unharmed by the sudden intrusion of the boilerman yesterdee. Rug, who had several lumps of fur that would not unknot themselves despite Owner's patient unravelling AND in danger of a tiny nip when Rug got fed up with that, managed to get rid of them yesterdee.  HE IS LUMPEN FUR FREE she announced.  and that folks is our top news story!Be good and be fair, Big Love Wonka X