Saturday, 16 January 2016

What a Week!

Did anything NOT happen in this week Wonka? goes Owner to me when she eventually (like it) falls out of bed promising AT LAST to get our breakfast.

It turns out everything HAS been going on.  Famous people trotting off into the next room, singing and acting and radio presenting...... did I say radio?  And Owner has made another guest appearance on Radio Scarboro.  I can only hope and pray that not too many folk noticed.

What else has gone on?  we had the car with no name behaving itself and parking up nicely, Owner had TWO shouts for work, and Bertie survived the boilerman entering his domain. X

There he is!!! you can just see poor Bertie (I'm too kind me.x) crouched at the entrance to his igloo.  What is that dangling off the door you all shout at me and want to know.  THAT'S OWNER'S BAGPUSS BAG.  End of and Fact.X
did anything else occur? you are all frantic to know.  We are still poverty stricken and have just one half of a shout for Owner next week.  I have tried my hardest to be famous and sell our Christmas Story all over the World and I'm not giving up - Bertie and Ruggles are relying on it. X (you know where it is hiding out folks at the great bookshop in the sky:

 Have you tested that Link out properly Wonka, Owner drones up and YES I HAVE!!! x
Now the other exciting thing in our week up, is that Ronnie our fave snooker player of all time is through to play some more of his erratic and genius snooker!!! Judd Trump whose name alone is fab never mind how his snooker is, is also through to the next round!! and Mr Bingham who won last year's world championship may have DUG DEEP this is a fave expression of all snooker commentators and we love it.  We are also in love with the phrase ROGER THAT, which is what an americy person was saying when our Tim Peake stepped into space yesterdee!! with the other americy Tim!!  so you see folks what an exciting starry spacey week it has been.x
Have a star filled satdee yourselves and howdy up to any new spectators we love you. AND, the voice is on tonight.  We DO like Marvin, and we do like Georgy. and Rickee.and Willyam. as for my little paloma, Owner cannot quite warm....Me? thanks for asking, I am all for quirky, honest ridden women and I should know. (I whispered that last bit and she didn't hear above writing a shopping list and cuddling the credit card folks!x). end of our weekly round up.  Keep warm and snug! Big Love Wonka X