Saturday, 30 January 2016

Me Me Me Satdee

It's been all about Bertie Bubb and Ruggles lately, and not enough about me. let's face it folks, I am the glue here. YES, Bertie was returned from the vet in one big fat massive piece and he has been tested for everything. 
WAS IT VERY COSTLY Wonka? you all want to know, being very money minded folk.  if you had seen Owner's face when the good vet receptionist said 'shall we get the hard part over with first?' the credit card fairly jumped out of her purse and into the machine...............It turns out we could have (just about) gone on a day out to London and back on it. BUT I am happy to say, my trip to the vets was a tad more expensive AND it was right on top of Owner's gallivant to Europe.  End of and big FAT FACT UP.X

Herewith is what you have all been hanging off the edge of your settee for:
There we are!! you were all waiting for news on the beloved wotsit plant which has only just been ousted (good use of word.x) by the thingy plant - well here it is, nestling in a jam jar with some other bits off plant.  Wouldn't you know it, Owner CANNOT throw away anything and this includes bits offof plants. X
DID ANYTHING ELSE exciting happen yesterdee Wonka? you still all want to find out..............  after Owner spent a cart load of money on Bertie, and fell back in with him bleeting away - tipped him out so he could quickly run in to the Narnia cupboard, the rest of the day was spent checking on him.  ARE YOU ALRIGHT Bertie? she kept asking him (while he was adjusting to being home again. yes.)  I did help out by testing out the new biscuits he has for his new diet.  5 out of 10 folks.x
In other less exciting news, Owner reports a positive write up for 'Jericho' by someone called Euan (sorry if it isn't!x) who writes scathing criticism of tv shows in the Observer Review.  She says:
Wonka, he has written a small but encouraging piece on Jericho giving it the thumbs up.  OH I says back full of interest it being nigh on my breakfast time. or maybe a bit after, who knows.
It is The Voice tonight and Owner will have to decide if she can stand my little Paloma and Rickee not getting on. Plus Willyam trying to be different and going on too much. I haven't mentioned boy George and I'm not going to.  BUT there is still Casualtee to round off our night, and Charley Farley nursey on hand.
It is now the weekend folks, so do what I do - paws up and away! out you go and have a big fat furry day!  big Love Wonka X