Friday, 8 January 2016

The Boot!

What is this?  Do you mean Owner? NO!!!!
I am updating all you good folk driving round in your good cars which behave themselves all the time and never have break downs OR refuse to do something - and I bring you news of:
Unlike its predecessor (PHEW) the Skylark which had a name and Owner was loath (is that a word it is now) to give it up.....the car with no name has cost a fortune and although it showed prowess (I am beyond myself and I know it) in fording a stream recently, it is still REFUSING TO OPEN ITS BOOT. End of. Fact. x
Yestedee Owner surpassed herself like I am doing now with my words and such like, and went out first, to good Radio Scarborough and she is to visit and shadow today. GULP, but second and more important if you ask me, she circled the roads and finally found the garage hiding in the back streets and possibly moved an inch or two from the last time she found it.
THE BOOT WILL NOT OPEN she tells them all, busy mechanics and owners of said garage etc.  OH they all say, and test it out for themselves to find it is true, and the car with no name really is refusing to open up. NO says Owner, it cannot be unlocked manually. And herein folks lies your best tip for the day: do not buy a second hand car OR a newbie that will not succumb to manual keys and such like.x
The upshot is folks, they are going to look at it today, and while they do, Owner is to trudge around keeping warm and NOT spending any money until it is fixed.  She hopes.x
Now personally,  I think this is a good way to spend Fridee and I'm not saying anything against it.  I'm not saying anything about scrap heaps, first weeks in January, whether Bertie has kennel cough or not OR how very annoying Staycee was in Enders - I'm simply not going to mention it.  Dickensian is a bit of alright and we hate that nasty half brother wotsit of Amelia Havisham and his nasty pal. NO, Bullseye hasn't barked up yet.x
Do go on to have a wonderful Fridee folks out there and we happen to know that our fave author Marian Keyes is suffering the heat and wotnot in far flung Aussie....she is from the green isle, and Owner thinks will be yearning.  I HAD TERRIBLE HOMESICKNESS when I was in Aussie she droned to me.  I did say, was the big row you had with your aunty anything to do with that Owner but she didn't hear me above putting the rubbish out.end of.
Fun Fridee and see you soon folks! big Love Wonka X
PS we heard news of good Kristina from Strictly is to have a babe!it will be a tiny dancer's babe!!x